Pakistan showed impressive strides in developing a number of economic sectors ever since it came into being. The country boasted impressive growth, which was supported by inward investment, and has thus experienced an emergence of growing middle and upper class. The rising middle and upper middle class led to increase in demand of modern and luxury living environments. Comfortable and facilitated lifestyle is not just denoted with spatial dimensions and high prices but it also indicates the classic taste of people and their needs of living in a closely knitted community. Pakistan property market is experiencing improving lifestyle trends in leading cities and celebrating it with the renowned property developers.

The trend of luxury living in Pakistan

Trends are usually societal responses to long-standing needs and the real estate experts in Pakistan relate it to expressions of interest raised and realized by the community. Like other developing and developed countries, the current luxury trends in Pakistan include living in a villa, mansion or bungalow. The development of various posh villa communities in almost all major cities of Pakistan indicates the interest, high purchasing power of individuals and their preference of living in secure and facilitated communities that have guarded premises.

The significance of luxury communities

The concept of independent yet integrated dwelling units and gated communities entices the property developers all around the world. In Pakistan, the history and culture of living in spacious villa communities dates back to the country’s ancient civilization and heritage where people lived together in their independent abodes that you may also call villages. With the provision of abundant facilities and amenities, most of these villages later emerged as townships and cities.

Several international developers are willing to experiment with this concept and therefore a number of integrates communities have being created all over the world. Emaar, an international property developer, has also unveiled a number of multi-billion dollar property projects in Karachi and Islamabad. Other than that, Gulberg Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad, DHA Lahore and DHA Islamabad are few posh and secure communities that give a new definition to luxury living in Pakistan.

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