There is a lot of free GPS software that you can use to enhance the functions of your GPS receivers. These downloads are basically scaled-down versions of the purchasable GPS software products. By downloading these applications, you get to taste and experience the ease and navigation advantages of full-scale software.
Sometimes, free software downloads are offered in versions with restricted functionality, disabling certain features and reserving them as a trial-based version of a full-scale GPS software application. Hence, the availability of free downloadable GPS software allows you to use the software for a trial period before actually buying it. This should help you make a wise buying decision for your GPS.
The main purpose of GPS software is to improve and expand existing GPS utilities. Not only that. It helps customize and fine-tune certain features of the device, making them fit specifically to your needs as in geocaching, hiking, sailing or fishing applications. GPS software applications are classified into two main categories. The first category covers all software designed for navigation with route calculation and directions. This hastens the functions of vector-based map on cars, boats or even airplanes. The other category covers all software designed to perform navigation tracking, usually using a map picture in the background to show preprogrammed routes, basically marking the route you plan on taking.
GPS software applications are created to reinforce or enhance the capabilities of a common GPS receiver. They allow real-time tracking, route saving, route planning, import of other similar platforms like Google Earth for enhanced mapping and visualization, setup alerts and support for other compatible devices.
To enhance digital mapping capabilities and more effectively travel roads and highways, you may enhance the visualization and display functions of your device with free GPS software like the 3Droute builder, AddMagMap and BSGP, which support static and Openstreetmap tile maps.
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