Today is yet another marker on Google’s inevitable crawl toward controlling any and all information and communication in the cosmos. As if their free phone service, Google Voice, wasn’t enticing enough with its low international calling rates, voicemail transcription and archiving, personalized greetings, free phone forwarding, call blocking, call screening, and free SMS to email transmission, those sirens at Mountain View have added the ability for cell phone users to port their existing phone numbers to the Voice service for a one time fee of 20 dollars.

Since its release, Google Voice has kept its appeal because it allowed its adopters to connect all of their phone numbers to a single line with their forwarding service. The one hurdle, though, was the need for users to adopt and distribute yet ANOTHER number in order for this to happen, and many people are surely unwilling to deal with the hassle. As a result, the folks at Google

made the bet that if they pulled down that hurdle and replaced it with a smaller one, about $20 tall, they’d have plenty of new adopters. Thus the new service.

Google’s suggestion to its potential new customers is (based on the assumption that people mostly exist around their one cell phone number) to port their number over to work as their hub number, and to then reactivate a new line with their current wireless carrier, and simply forward any call from that number to their new Google Voice number. The process definitely requires less footwork, less Facebook bulletins and mass text messages, which is sure to bring plenty of new users to the almost suspiciously full-featured-yet-free service.

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